If I had Wings by Junichi Nishimura
Venue:  Yamayamado (bar and gallery)
Address:  2-19 Kikuzaka-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi-prefecture
Telephone:  0527636262
Term:  April 20th - June, 2013

At Junichi Nishimura’s exhibit, “If I Had Wings,” he will have on display 25 panels of handmade 48cm x 32cm prints, 12 panels of contact sheets, and 4 large 1.5m x 1m, along with accompanying text.

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The Invaders Must Die: A Flickr edit by Frédéric Le Mauff.

What I like the most about my fellow BME member is that there’s always a way to tell a story with their photographs. Concerning more particularly Justin Vogel; he has so many odd catches that it was a pleasure to find my own way through his Flickr stream.

I found it funny to tell the story of invaders sowing panic on NYC, funny to call to Superman for help. But stories have not necessarily a happy end.

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Burn My Eye is very happy to officially welcome a new member to the family: Charlie Kirk. With his straight-forward, close and personal approach to photographing strangers he brings a raw, sometimes aggressive, sometimes funny and always memorable set of photographs to the collective. We look forward to his future work.

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"Strange Days" is a compilation of street photography images taken during the past year. My approach is to photograph without a specific theme or idea in mind. When I look back at the pictures I’ve taken, I notice certain echoes in theme and style that transcend the documentary specifics of the images. These pictures are like missing pages from the same story, blown across time to different corners of the world. Without telling the full story, I’ve tried to put some of these images back together in portfolios. “Strange Days” like the film I named the portfolio after, is one of these fragmented stories, a puzzle with plenty of missing pieces.

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